Belvue Primary School is a Primary School located in City Of Cape Town – Western Cape. Belvue Primary School is a valid, registered and prosperous school under the leadership of the Principal  A Josephus.



To realize our VISION we at Belvue Primary School strive to:

Develop the child to his/her full potential.

Create opportunities for the child to be creative according to his/her unique abilities.

Steer the child towards developing self-discipline and accept authority at school, home and in the community.

Develop a healthy self-image through constant loving, nurturing and guidance.

Guide a child to develop self-respect, understanding and respect for his/her fellow South Africans in order for all to live in peace and harmony.



At Belvue Primary School we strive to develop our learners holistically with special focus on the Curriculum and Extra and Co-Curricular Activities.